Passion Pursuit

The other day I wrote about finding your motivation in order to get started moving towards any goal, and living your dream. As I mentioned, knowing what your truly passionate about goes hand in hand with figuring out what gets you up in the morning; if you have one, you can much more easily figure out the other.

Several months ago, I read an article about a man who was out in the world, living his dream and spreading his passions as he went along; anything to read out there along those lines, and I’m sold, hook, line, and sinker. Naturally, being that he was traveling and inspiring people along the way, I was drawn to it all the more. In this article, he spoke about how he didn’t always know what exactly he wanted to do, but he knew he wanted it to combine all of his key passions. He took some time, and wrote out a list of his top 5, and then elaborated on why they were important to him and how he could use them to inspire others. Before he knew it, he was on his way to melding everything together.

This inspired me to go ahead and make my own passion pursuit. Last year, before I left New York, I had a loose idea about what drove me; it was enough to get me going, but now that I was nearly a year into my adventure, I knew I needed to figure out what would keep me going in the long term. So, pen in hand, and with my ever trusty notebook (never leave home without one!) I got to work, and this is what I initially came up with:



Next, I needed to elaborate on these items in a concise manner (if you’ve been reading my other posts, you’ll know brevity is not exactly my forte; there’s just always so much to say! However, I did do my best to keep these descriptions short!):

1. Travel – This is what keeps me inspired. Knowing that there are so many different types of places and cultures to see and learn from, will keep me going and hopefully give me the ability to share what’s out there with the rest of the world

2. Learning – This is what keeps me interested. True to my Gemini nature, I’ve always had to have my fingers in every pot, which is to say, I am endlessly curious about literally everything. This marries nicely with the aforementioned Travel passion; as long as I have the desire to keep learning a little of everything, I will never tire of traveling to enhance and share my knowledge

3. Inspiring & Helping Others – This is what excites me. I want to inspire people to live their dreams, to get out there and see the world they want come to life, and I want to help them believe they can do it. When I see something I said click with someone else, and know that it’s lit a spark to move them in the right direction, there is no greater feeling in the world

4. Food – This is what keeps me sane. Whether I am cooking it, eating it, or just plain drooling over it, I am infinitely driven by food. A solid ‘live to eat’ and not ‘eat to live’ kind of girl, I don’t think I’ve ever even been truly close with anyone who wasn’t at least half the same way. This relaxes my nerves, fills my soul, and inspires me to no end. Again, this fits in very well with the first two above, Travel and Learning; as long as the planes fly high in the sky, there will always be food to ground me. And if that fails, there’s always the Food Network

5. Positive Attitude – This is what stabilizes me. Originally written out above as ‘happiness / laughter’, I feel this new title encompasses it all. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference,” said Winston Churchill, and he couldn’t be more right. With the right attitude, I can conquer the world; I can have happiness and laughter in the palm of my hands whenever I choose, and with it, be able to maintain all the above passions, and show you that you can have it, too

6. Cats Kitties – This is what consistently makes me happy. Ok, it doesn’t have much to do with the five above, but I had it on the list and felt it important not to ignore. Kitties always make me smile, and although virtually every card I’ve received in the past two years has had a cat on the cover, I don’t mind my pending ‘crazy cat lady’ status. They are just so cute and comforting – especially mine! – so how can I not include them?

It was in large part to creating this list that I came up with the idea for this blog, for this quest I am on (perhaps minus the cats). Writing it all out has helped tremendously in setting me in the direction I want to go from here; even though nothing is quite set in stone, I definitely have a much better idea of what I want to do with my life, at least in the present moment.

So here is my challenge to all you readers out there: I want you to go and make a passion pursuit of your own. It can have as many or as few things you can think of; I had six, but if you only have three deep passions, that’s more than fine. Write out what comes to mind, don’t force it, and then see if you can combine any of them. Then jot down why you’re passionate about them, and how you might be able to apply that in your future. The point is to get you thinking about what makes your heart tick, and to ultimately get you thinking about how you can use this list to motivate you to create – or even figure out – what the life is that you want. Once you’ve done this, sound off in the comments section; I’d love to hear what you come up with!

Happy pursuing!


Told you he’s cute!

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