Viva la Vida – Month 1 Roundup

Viva la Vida // Live the Life! It has been just over a month since leaving my corporate desk job to live the life of my dreams (or at least work toward it, anyway!). All in all, I’d say it’s been a successful start, but I thought it might be a good idea to find a way to track said success over time. I don’t want to track this success in monetary terms (although money is nice, it’s never been what gets me out of bed in the morning); instead, I’d like to track in terms of progression and ensuring I stay on the straight and narrow of the not so straight and narrow path I’ve chosen for myself. So, I’m taking a page from one of my favorite bloggers, Alex In Wanderland, and am going to start doing monthly “roundups” of where this choice has led me. These will be more for myself than anything, and I hardly expect many people to ever even see them. However, if you do happen to read it, just know this is only the beginning, and as messy and discombobulated as it may seem now, I hope it will develop into a more cohesive review in time. So without further adieu..

Month 1

This month has been way busier than I had anticipated for a first month off the ol’ nine to five (wait..LOL.. more like nine to eternity). There have been a lot of good moments, a few not so good moments, and a lot more Doctor Who than I’d care to admit.

The Good

  • Firstly, and perhaps most obviously: I’m free at last! The world is officially my oyster, and I’m free to shake a bit of Tobasco on that baby and spice things up whenever I want
  • A funny thing happened on the way to the coffee shop: I discovered there’s a public library near my new apartment. Ipso facto, there’s somewhere that’s both not my home and free for me to study / dream / do dreamy things for as long as I like! (except on Wednesdays, because it’s closed then)
  • Although I’m still nowhere near as bendy as I’d like to be, my yoga practice is sitting pretty in my list of daily priorities. I’ve stuck to my word, and have gotten on the mat almost every day, and I feel so beyond wonderful for it. Thanks again, Adriene, for making it so easy and fun to practice at home
  • I definitely didn’t anticipate it happening so soon, but I’ve managed to land my dream part-time job of working for Sweaty Betty, a fabulous British company with the incredible mission of ‘Empowering women through fitness.’ Extra bonus points: I now get paid to wear amazing yoga pants and sneakers several days a week. Sayonara, business casual!
  • I’m finally all caught up on my course, and really starting to see my turn as a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach come to fruition. Every day I get one step closer to making it my business to help people live their best lives possible
  • My mom and sister came to visit for Thanksgiving! We took a little trip to the city of Bath, and were lucky enough to stay in the famous Royal Crescent Hotel (super comfy beds, killer breakfast, and serious wallpaper game – see below). My sister is a luxury travel agent, so I always get to see and explore some fantastic places that I might not otherwise have the chance to see, whenever traveling with her. Lots of good food was eaten over the 5 days they were here, and it always makes me happy to share my new home with them
  • Getting both my  family and my in-laws to eat at – and enjoy – our favorite healthy, vegetarian restaurant that we eat eat all the time. They are all big meat eaters, so this was a big win
  • I’ve been cooking SO much! Tons of new recipes tried, and kitchen experimentation’s galore; this month has been a culinary dream
  • I passed my Driving Theory Test! Yes, I’ve been driving for nearly 15 years in the States, but unfortunately that counts for didily squat here in the UK. It’s taken me over two years, but I finally got around to taking the test. Now I just have to pass the road test

The Not So Good

  • The only ‘bad’ thing I can really see is the ease with which I can become lazy and not do a damn thing all day. I have been known to have quite the propensity for binge watching television programs (such as aforementioned Doctor Who), and if I’m not mindful, can easily let a day slip by without leaving the flat or doing an ounce of anything productive. I’ve been fairly focused and on track with things, but could still use a bit of work in the procrastination department at times
  • Old habits die hard. I’ve struggled big time over the years with doubt and insecurity, and although I have come a ridiculously long way from where I once was, the old thoughts can still rear their ugly little heads every now and again. Particularly with this leap of faith I’ve taken, sometimes I forget to have that faith in myself. It’s so easy to look at what my peers are doing and think I’m far behind them, or not good enough, but it’s honestly more of a reflex to think that way at this point, and I’ll continue to fight the good fight against such damaging thoughts. They’re almost never true, and I know it

The Cherries on Top

  • Books Read: 1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz; 2. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield (yes, I got all hippy dippy and spiritual, and yes, I like the view!)
  • New Things Tried: 1. Lima London: fantastic Michelin starred Peruvian restaurant in London; 2. Bath Christmas Market
  • I’m a big believer in the whole concept of ‘the Universe has your back,’ and have always been quite in-tune with my intuition, although I sometimes lose my way. At one point this past month, I was feeling particularly disconnected and unsure about my path. I kid you not, within 24 hours of the doubt creeping in, I started seeing the number 11 everywhere; like, seriously, it was all over the damn place. To keep this brief, I’ll just say that the number 11 is very significant, and can be taken as a sign to keep positive and moving forward, to stay balanced / to be conscious of your thoughts and how you see a situation, because that will be what determines your outcome. After seeing it for the seventh time in just a few hours, I looked it up, and had chills when I saw its significance and relevance in my life at that very moment. Read more about it here.

Ok, that’s all for this one! Just wanted to get it out there, but will hopefully make these more succinct and cohesive in the future.

Have a beautiful weekend!



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