The Yoga Camp Chronicles – Day 3 – I Embrace

Things often have a way of coming together exactly as they should, and today’s mantra + my extension of it fit in perfectly with the practice that ensued.

“I Embrace…” was the intention Adriene laid out.

“I Embrace…My Outer Child” was what I picked up.

Let me explain. Simply put, I look young. Like, very, very young. I’m thirty years old, but haven’t aged since I was sixteen; the whole “13 Going On 30” but in reverse. Perhaps it’s just my genes, or maybe it’s my twice daily moisturizing since I actually was sixteen. Either way, I’ve got an eternally youthful glow, and the fine people of the world won’t ever let me forget it. On a very regular basis I have people in utter shock that I am as old as I am, let alone above the age of twenty (seriously, it would shock you to hear how little tact some folks have). Just yesterday the girl working at the supermarket asked me if I wanted a coupon from the store to bring to my school (re: high school) for points for some sponsored something or other. To be honest, I tuned out after she asked if I wanted a coupon to take to school.

Seems like yesterday..or was it???

When I put on the Day 3 video this morning and heard what the mantra was to be, it was clear what it was that I needed to embrace today. And the best part? Much of the practice was intrinsically childish in the best ways possible.

Here’s the rundown:

1. While seated in Sukhasana, or Easy Pose (cross-legged seat), arms crossed in front, hands gently placed on knees, and head looking up, Adriene referenced one of my favorite movies from present day childhood, The Little Mermaid, saying the pose looked like Ariel on the rock


“I wanna be where the yogis are…”


2. Lions Breath. The goofiest pose of them all. Need I say more?

Getting into position

3. One of my favorite Find What Feels Good’isms: Thriller Arms. Every time I go into this pose, I’m reminded not to take myself too seriously. Michael Jackson would be proud.

“I approve of this pose” – MJ

 4. Lots and lots of time in Uthhita Balasana – Extended Childs Pose.

We all have our insecurities, every single one of us. Of course how much we let them get in the way is entirely up to us, but there isn’t a person on this planet who has never felt this about themselves at one point or another. For me, it always has been, and possibly always will be, how young I look. But I have learned to at least poke fun at it whenever possible, and today’s practice let me do just that. It let me embrace that insecurity, and I hope this post will inspire you to embrace whatever it is that can bring you down sometimes, too. I hope it also serves as a reminder to embrace your inner child as well.

And if you’re ever unsure of just how to embrace this child – be it outer or inner – just wear pigtails. Always wear pigtails.



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