The Yoga Camp Chronicles – Three’s a Charm – Days 4, 5, & 6

I decided over the weekend that while I was still keeping up with my daily Yoga Camp practice, I would take the weekend off from writing about it, instead doing a shorter, 3 day wrap-up on Monday evening. So, still recording how it’s all going down, without bringing myself down in the process from the pressures of writing about it every night. Without any further ado..

Day 4- “I Awaken”

Yawn. On Saturday I woke up and wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and sleep. Remembering my promise to myself, however, I dragged my lazy arse out of bed and got on the mat nice and early (*note: somehow typing “arse” like the Brits do, sounds/reads so much nicer than the “@$$” of my home country. anyone else with me on this??).

This was the first day so far in which I felt resistant to doing the video, so when Adriene said, “Maybe you didn’t want to be here,” I nodded my head in agreement (‘how did she know?!). When Adriene said, “Trust the video, trust yourself,” I knew I could. And when Adriene said the mantra,”I Awaken,” I knew what the tail end of that had to be.

“I Awaken…Consistency.”

This was a big one for me. Consistency is something I’ve historically had a rocky relationship with throughout my life. To make lots of long stories a singular short one, let’s just say that I haven’t always been good at finishing what I start, but these past few years, with this most recent year gone in particular, I’ve learned to challenge and change that old story of mine. The word came to mind immediately with the mantra, because I believe I am finally ready to acknowledge that that old story has finally had its day, and with it I can fully say, “My consistency hath awoken!”

I’ll expand on this in another post once Yoga Camp is finished, but if there is any bit of advice I can give to anyone reading this who also struggles with the C word, it is this: if you can change the story running in your head, you can re-write the ending. This can be applied to SO many facets of life, and consistency is 100% up there with the rest of them.

Day 5 – “I Am Alive”

Yawn. On Sunday I just wanted to go to sleep (I’m sensing a theme here…). I’d had a very long day on my feet at work, which included a yoga class in the morning (benefits of working for an athletic-wear brand!), and was absolutely wiped out. But as discussed above in Day 4, I am now a vibrant, consistent sister-girl! So I got on the mat, and had a nice little laugh to myself when I heard the mantra, “Day 5, and I’m Alive!” Feeling more dead than alive, I hopped to it, with a special guest appearance from my husband, who was looking for a bit of yoga himself.

There are very few things which I am better at than him, but seeing as I practice yoga almost every day, and he practices almost never, this is one of those few. The practice itself was good as always, but that alone didn’t necessarily lift me from my exhaustion. It was helping him with the postures, and giving him encouragement throughout which made me truly come to life.

I didn’t take pictures for this one, but a lesson was still brought on home: by helping others to come alive, you are brought to life yourself. Deep.


Day 6 – “I Am Supported”

Today was all about workin’ the abs, and feeling the ground beneath you, supporting your every move. I have to admit I was a bit stumped on this mantra – although there are a few supportive people in my life on a consistent basis, I’m generally still working on this area of my life.

As an expat in London for the last two and a half years, I know a lot of people, but don’t feel I have any real support system here – most of that is back home in New York. These things take time, and although I know that to be true, it can definitely be difficult at times; I’m sure anyone who has lived abroad can relate in one way or another. As sad as this may sound (maybe only even to myself), the only way that made sense for me to finish the mantra today was as such:

“I Am Supported…by My Yoga Practice.”

Since I began practicing nearly eight years ago, it has always been there for me, in good times and bad. It’s like an old friend, or a well worn sweater; I can come to it again and again, and it’s always got my back (sweaters cover your back, so, same thing..). Since I’ve lived in a new country, it has been one of a handful of things that keep me grounded, and reminds me who I am whenever I may forget. So many ecstatic moments, so many accomplishments, so many frustrations throughout my practice; moments I am on top of the world, and moments I feel like the most useless person alive. It’s always there, and it’s funny that it took this mantra for me to realize it.

I’m basically one asana away from being pronounced “mat and wife.” Don’t tell my husband.


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