The Yoga Camp Chronicles – Days 8-30 – I Complete

So I know I haven’t written since Day 7, and technically that means I didn’t achieve my goal of blogging on the daily about my Yoga Camp escapades / asana-pades. That doesn’t mean, however, that I didn’t finish what I set out to do in an overarching perspective, which was finish the 30 days and document my thoughts. Before you roll your eyes and tell me I didn’t stick to my word, hear me out.

I made no secret about the fact that I was finding the daily recap to be a lot of hard graft. Again, serious props to those who manage it consistently. What I have learned about myself, though, is that I’m just not that kind of girl. Yoga Camp is all about finding what feels good, and I found that forcing myself to come up with interesting blog posts about it every day did just the opposite: it definitely did not feel good. It also made it difficult for me to take it seriously and get the most out of each mantra when I was constantly thinking about what I could add to the blog.

I had to make a decision:

1. Keep going on as planned, knowing my interpretation of the mantras felt superficial and forced just so I could put words to screen to say I did it


2. Listen to Adriene / the entire purpose of Yoga Camp and Find What freakin’ Feels Good

I went with door number 2.

I think I found what feels good… zzz

It took a few days to get out of the this-would-be-great-in-a-post mentality, but in the end, I believe I got so much more out of the experience than I would have had I continued to over analyze it and come up with poignant posts each and every day. I finally allowed myself to be present (also one of the mantras!), and absorb.

There were days which I did not connect with the mantra at all (I’m lookin’ at you Day 11 / ‘I Release’). On days like these, I just enjoyed the practice and mentally noted my indifference. There were days where the mantra connected, but just in a surface level sort of way, and I couldn’t think of anything to add to it (Ahem.. Day 16 / ‘I Enjoy’). But then there were days where the stars aligned, the mountains moved, and the mantra sung sweet love songs to me all night long (You’re my new boo, Day 8 / ‘I Choose’). Those were the days that reminded me why I started – and kept practicing – yoga in the first place.

Without going into a whole explanation now of what each day and mantra meant to me, I’m just going to leave you with a list of the mantras and what I added to them, if anything. Some of them may seem obvious as to where my head was at, and some may not. But just know that that was what felt best, what felt right, for me in that day. It took a little over a month to complete it all (full disclosure – I didn’t do it in 30 consecutive days!), as we went away for a week and I had very spotty internet at best. But I finished it, and really observed how each practice affected me, and for that I am proud.

If I can leave you with one pearl of wisdom, it is this: never force yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel good, be it something as simple as writing a blog every day, or something much more complex (there are obvious exceptions here, but you hopefully get my point). You and everyone around you will be worse off for ignoring your truth, every single time. There is always a way to reach your goals, or achieve what you set out to do if you’re flexible, have the right attitude, and are willing to admit when you need to change your strategy for getting to where you want to be. You just have to do what Roxette says, and listen to your heart.

Or just open your heart, you warrior [1], you

Day 1 – I Accept.. What Needs to Be Done

Day 2 – I Create.. My Own Rules

Day 3 – I Embrace.. My Outer Child

Day 4 – I Awaken.. Consistency

Day 5 – I Am Alive

Day 6 – I Am Supported.. by My Yoga Practice

Day 7 – I Am Capable.. of Whatever I Damn Well Want to Be Capable Of

Day 8 – I Choose.. How I Live my Life

Day 9 – I Am Bold

Day 10 – I Am Present.. Every Damn Day

Day 11 – I Release.. Old Stories Which No Longer Serve Me

Day 12 – I Trust.. Myself

Day 13 – I Deserve.. to Move Forward

Day 14 – Go With the Flow

Day 15 – I Am Open.. to All Possibilities

Day 16 – I Enjoy.. the Ride

Day 17 – I Am Focused.. On Putting My Ideas to Action

Day 18 – I Surrender.. to My Limitations

Day 19 – I Respect.. the Process

Day 20 – I Am Worthy.. of Happiness

Day 21 – I Believe.. in Myself

Day 22 – I Surround Myself With.. Love

Day 23 – I Am Secure

Day 24 – I Am in Control.. of My Destiny

Day 25 – I Am Strong.. As I Want to Be

Day 26 – I Attract.. What I Need When I Need It

Day 27 – I Am Grateful.. for This Practice

Day 28 – I Celebrate.. Sticking With the Series

Day 29 – I Love.. Myself

Day 30 – It’s All You.. I Am Capable. I Am Persistent. I Choose Love.




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