A Whole 30 Journey, A Whole Lotta Eggs – Week 3

This week was relatively uneventful compared to last week, and thank the heavens for that. It was by far the most organized and prepared week of my Whole 30 so far, and had me trying a few new recipes which have become instant favorites (not to mention the consumption of an absurd amount of eggs – seriously, I don’t know that I will eat another one for a long time when this is done). I’m still relatively unsure how I feel about this whole process, maybe erring more on the side of it not being for me due mainly to the amount of meat they suggest, and the villainizing of pretty much every major plant based source of protein out there (which I personally don’t agree with, but more on that, and why this ‘diet’ has made me more convinced of a mostly meat free lifestyle, in a later post). I’ve definitely crossed past the point of no return now; there have been so many temptations trying to get me to cave, but there hasn’t been a single thing that has made me so much as consider backing down. So without further adieu, here’s the food-filled rundown:

Day 15

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach and smoked salmon

Lunch: Leftover kale salad with roast chicken, carrots, and cherry tomatoes

Dinner: ‘No Fuss Salmon Cakes’ and boiled broccoli (with a cheeky snack of leftover shrimp from the night before)

Notes: Leftovers of just about anything are a FWNB (‘Food With No Brakes’) for me. Hard to remember they’re supposed to be for using in meals, not binging on between meals! Also, today I have a lot of energy!

Day 16

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach and smoked salmon, and side of sauerkraut

Lunch: Leftover salmon cake over salad with avocado, radish, and lemon/oil/tahini dressing. Cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks on the side

Snack: Gala apple with almond butter

Dinner: Sweet potato with curried spinach and raisins, and tuna/avocado salad on top (surprisingly really good!)

Notes: Not terribly hungry today, but there were some serious cravings going on. My skin doesn’t seem to be improving all that much, my nose is just as stuffy as ever, and I’m feeling very tired. Maybe just bored at work today?

Day 17

Breakfast: Smoothie with banana, almond butter, hemp hearts, cinnamon, raw cacao, and almond milk (*needed something light today)

Lunch: Kale salad with spiced roasted chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, and lemon/oil/tahini dressing

Dinner: Frittata with spinach, green bell pepper, spiced roasted chicken breast (so good!)

Day 18

Breakfast: Leftover frittata, and banana/almond butter/cinnamon/hemp hearts/raw cacao/almond milk smoothie

Lunch: Salad box from the deli, with roasted chicken, avocado, pineapple, sun dried tomatoes, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, oil and vinegar

Dinner: Orange glazed poached halibut, with Moroccan spiced cauliflower rice with raisins

Notes: Never liked the idea of cauliflower rice till now. This is so good, and honestly tastes like couscous, but lighter

Day 19

Breakfast: Leftover frittata, sauerkraut, avocado

Lunch: Leftover fish and cauli-rice from last night

Dinner: Garlic Zoodles / Courgetti with spicy sprouts, sautéed shrimp, roasted cinnamon sweet potato wedges, with tahini and sesame seeds (*this is my new absolutely favorite meal, and I’ll definitely be eating this long after W30 is over!)

Day 20

Breakfast/Brunch: Volunteered at Parkrun today and didn’t get to eat beforehand, so was a late start. Had two fried eggs over grilled asparagus, with guacamole and strawberries on the side

Snack: Berry Nakd bar (*Was out at our favorite garden that usually has a compliant soup which I’d planned on for lunch, but of course today of all days was Pea Soup! Hence, I was extremely grateful to have the Nakd bar to hand)

Lunch: Tortilla! God bless this place, it always makes me so happy (and some of it is W30 compliant). Naked burrito bowl with lettuce, roasted peppers and onions, chicken, guacamole, and tomato/onion/cilantro salsa (no rice)

Notes: My digestion has been atrocious since starting this program, which I’ve found rather odd. Today a friend pointed out that my body is probably aware that my mind has a problem with all the meat I’ve been eating (which I am not happy about as up until doing this, I’ve cut out about 90% of my animal protein intake in the last year). This would definitely explain some of the issues I’m having, and only proves the mind-body connection is a very real thing. I’ll be glad to get back to mostly plant based proteins again when this is over

Day 21

Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites with grilled prosciutto and sautéed spinach

Lunch: Picnic with our friends while hiking in the Surrey Hills! Salad with cherry tomatoes, and tuna/avocado salad. Side of strawberries, mango, grilled calamari rings, and mixed olives (sides all from Marks & Spencer, and about the only compliant foods I could find there for a picnic)

Snack: Berry Nakd bar

Dinner: Back to Nandos! Half chicken with two side salads (*Someone in the kitchen very cruelly let a single french fry slip onto my plate before serving it up. I obviously gave it to my friends. Test passed with flying colors)



Notes: The key to today’s success was being incredibly prepared. I had everything I needed to stay on track while out for the day, and knew what I was going to order before we went to dinner at night. Interestingly enough, when everyone at dinner had cheesecake for dessert – historically a favorite of mine – I ordered a mint tea and was honestly fine with it. The cakes looked good, but I was far from wishing I could have it too. Not sure how this is even possible, or who I even am anymore. What are you doing to me, Whole 30?!



This week was really all about finally feeling like I have the hang of this thing. There are a lot of ‘symptoms’ I was hoping to see go away that haven’t yet (stuffy nose, red cheeks, painful knees), but it ain’t over yet, so who knows what’s to come. Love it or hate it, it has definitely proved to me that our minds are much stronger than we give them credit for, and with just nine days to go before the reintroduction phase, there’s absolutely no stopping me now!

xox A


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